Our experts are on hand to assist patients with their nutrition, targeting conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Our experts are on hand to assist patients with their nutrition, targetting conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Our Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition department is made up of Registered Dietitians who help to manage and treat a variety of nutrition and medical concerns.

Dietetics is part of a multidisciplinary approach. As well as a dietitian, you may also see a diabetes clinical nurse specialist, physiotherapist and Speech and language therapist.

Who we treat

Our team are experts in the management of nutrition to best support your overall wellbeing.

We work with people who are nutritionally at risk or malnourished, as well as those with dietary requirements.

Our dietitians provide nutritional advice tailored to you. Some of the key areas our team work across include:


Inpatient care

Any inpatient can be seen by our dietitian if needed. A consultant may refer you or you may be automatically referred following a malnutrition screening when you're admitted. Malnutrition screening is standard across all acute hospitals in Ireland.

Once referred, the dietitian will see you on the ward. They'll assess you and discuss a treatment plan.

You may need a follow-up appointment after you've been discharged. If so, the dietitian will refer you to the most appropriate service.

Our inpatient dietetic service runs Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 17:30.

Diabetes clinic

Our dietetics team helps run a weekly diabetes clinic for outpatients with diabetes.

The clinic was set up to help empower patients to self-manage diabetes. We do this through education, ongoing team support and, where necessary, medical intervention.

We deliver structured sessions that enable patients with diabetes to adjust to a healthy, manageable lifestyle.


Not all services are covered by health insurance. To find out if you're covered, contact your health insurance provider before your visit.

Visit our Health insurance and self-pay page for more information.


If you do not have health insurance or your health plan does not cover the full cost, you will need to pay on the day of your visit.
You might be able to claim fees on your insurance.
If you need to submit an insurance excess or pay inpatient fees after a stay at the Hermitage Clinic, you can pay your bill online.


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