We provide specialist dental care, surgeries and oral cancer treatment using the latest equipment and techniques.

We can look after all your dental needs and help improve your oral health. We'll always work with you to discuss your options and prepare a personalised treatment plan.

Our specialists are committed to addressing your needs. If you or your child has a particular requirement, please let us know before your initial appointment.


We provide care in our dental suite and state-of-the-art operating theatres. Our team specialise in many services, including:

  • implant dentistry 
  • prosthodontics
  • periodontics
  • oral surgery 
  • pediatric dentistry
  • maxillofacial prosthetics 
  • orthodontics
  • dental oncology
  • dental sleep medicine

We coordinate complex dental care with specialists across dentistry and medicine and make sure that we tailor treatment to your specific needs.


Not all services are covered by health insurance. To find out if you're covered, contact your health insurance provider before your visit.

Visit our Health insurance and self-pay page for more information.


If you do not have health insurance or your health plan does not cover the full cost, you will need to pay on the day of your visit.
You might be able to claim fees on your insurance.
If you need to submit an insurance excess or pay inpatient fees after a stay at the Hermitage Clinic, you can pay your bill online.


Dr. Charlotte Mc Carra
Dr. Linda Jennett
Dr. Abigail Moore
Dr. Kevin O'Boyle
Dr. Paul O'Reilly
Dr. Jason Owens
Dr. Rory Maguire
Dr. Edward Cotter
Mr. J. Cliff Beirne
Dr.Tom Houlihan
Prof. Gerry Kearns