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The Respiratory consultants at the Hermitage Medical Clinic are experts in asthma, allergy, bronchitis, cigarette induced lung disease, lung cancer, lung fibrosis as well as farmer’s lung, bird fancier’s disease and sleep disorders. Respiratory doctors often deal with symptoms such as breathlessness, coughs, chest infection, pneumonia, fatigue, inability to take exercise and allergies. Patients who snore or stop breathing at night are also treated by respiratory doctors. Respiratory medicine has a broad range of conditions and many types of tests are used to understand and diagnose these conditions such as breathing tests, x-rays and CT scans and bronchoscopy (a fibreoptic view of the airways). These and other tests are available at the Hermitage Medical Clinic in addition to the supporting services of chest surgeons and other physicians.

Details of tests carried out include:

  • Spirometry with Flow-volume loops
  • Reversibility / Response to Bronchodilators
  • Lung Volume measurement
  • Transfer Factor / Diffusing capacity (DLCO)
  • Respiratory muscle strength measurement.

*Reversibility is not routinely carried out unless specifically requested as it involves administration of a drug to the patient. Please state in your referral form if anticholinergic medications are contradicted e.g. history of Glaucoma / urinary retention. The Pulmonary Function test is covered by VHI Plan B and upwards or the equivalent with all other private health insurance companies. If the patient is a self-payer the cost is €191. If you have any queries in relation to our new services please do not hesitate to contact us on (01) 645 9853 or email respiratory@hermitageclinic.ie

Click here to download the Respiratory Tests Booklet.

Please see our Consultant Directory for further details of our Respiratory Consultants.

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