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Patient Care

Mission Statement

Our mission in the Radiotherapy Department is to provide the highest possible standard of care for patients and their families during treatment. The continuum of care is essential in the treatment of cancer from diagnosis through to follow up and our small, focused and friendly multidisciplinary team ensures this quality of care. This community based, friendly department uses state-of-the-art equipment, allowing us to deliver precise treatments using the most up to date techniques in radiotherapy planning and treatment. The Hermitage Medical Clinic is accredited by Joint Commission International.

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Directions to HMC Radiotherapy Department

The Oncology and Radiotherapy department is well sign-posted in the hospital.
Enter through the main entrance.
Take a left at the main reception.
Take the next left at the radiology reception.
Take the next right after the radiology reception.
Continue straight on to the end of the corridor.
Radiotherapy is at the end of this corridor.


You will see your consultant who will explain the treatment and its pro’s and cons for the consenting process either at the Hermitage Medical Clinic’s Oncology Department or at another Outpatient clinics.

You may bring a family member or friend to attend your consultation with you for support or to help you remember the advice or instructions given. Ensure to ask questions if you are confused or concerned.

What happens after the consultation?

Once you have been consented for treatment you will be given a CT planning appointment. The radiation therapists will explain the purpose and process of this scan. Once your radiotherapy notes have been organised and your radiotherapy treatment plan has been completed you will be given your first radiotherapy appointment. The radiation therapists will explain the treatment process and side effects on the first day of your treatment.
Radiation Therapy students from Trinity College Dublin are placed in the Hermitage Medical Clinic Radiotherapy Department as part of their training. They participate in your daily treatments and discussions with the Radiation Therapists.

Booking appointments

The Radiotherapy Department is open weekdays from 8.30 until 17.00. The radiation therapists are relatively flexible with treatment times and try to accommodate your preferences as much as possible. You may discuss your treatment schedule with our receptionist. Your schedule is compiled weekly and you will receive it on a Friday, for the following week.

Oncology Ward

The majority of oncology patients who need to be admitted stay on St. Marks ward, however you may be admitted to St. Luke’s ward or St. John’s ward. St Mark’s ward is on the lower ground floor. Not all patients will need admission for radiotherapy.


Complimentary car parking on the hospital grounds is available for patients attending the Radiotherapy Department.

Helpful Numbers

Tel: 01 – 645 9045
Fax: 01 – 645 9128
Email: radiotherapy@hermitageclinic.ie
(For emergencies outside of Radiotherapy hours please call the Hermitage Medical Clinic at 01-6459000.)