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Meet the team

The Radiotherapy Team

There are many professionals involved in the planning and delivery of a course of radiotherapy. The Consultant Radiation Oncologist will decide on the exact course of radiotherapy suited to you individually. The planning process is overseen by the Consultant Radiation Oncologist in collaboration with the physics and planning staff and Radiation Therapists once a plan is complete. All the planning data is electronically transferred to the Radiation Therapists for quality assurance checks before treatment can commence. The Radiation Therapists are responsible for delivery of treatment on a daily basis. Patients are monitored closely throughout treatment by Radiation Therapists (daily), Consultant Radiation Oncologist (weekly), along with Physicists/Dosimetrists.

Consultant Radiation Oncologists:

Dr Ian Fraser
Dr. Clare Faul
Dr Osama Salib

Radiotherapy Service Manager:

Martina Rosser

Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapists:

Aoife Good
Sarah Lawrence
Gillian Moore

Senior Radiation Therapists:

Feargal Blaney
Orlagh Boyhan
Niamh Kerr
Rachel Miller
Jenné Smith

Radiation Therapists:

Georgia Fleming
Donna Gahan
Aisling Mellerick

Radiotherapy Assistant:

Kathryn Kane

Radiotherapy Administrator:

Niamh Byrne


Dieticians advise you on how to manage your diet during treatment if you are losing weight or having difficulty eating. We can arrange an appointment with the hospital dietician if you require it.

Medical Physics- Physicists/Dosimetrists

The medical physics team plan and check your radiotherapy treatment and ensure the quality of the machines used for treatment.


If you are an in patient on the ward you will meet the Hermitage Medical Clinic’s nursing staff. If you are having concurrent chemotherapy you will meet the Hermitage Medical Clinic’s oncology nursing staff.


If during your treatment you need to get your bloods taken, you will meet the Hermitage Medical Clinic’s team of phlebotomists.


If as a result of your treatment or your treatment position you are in need of physiotherapy you will meet the Hermitage Medical Clinic’s physiotherapy team.