Hermitage Medical Clinic Exterior

Day 1

Reception Check In

On your first day check in at Radiotherapy reception. The receptionist will let the Radiation Therapists know that you have arrived.

First Day Chat

The Radiation Therapist will give you a first day chat prior to your treatment. In this meeting you will discuss the specific side effects expected from your treatment and the treatment procedure on Day 1. Click here for more information

Identification (ID)

The ID process we use at the Radiotherapy Department is a 4 point one which includes your full name, date of birth, address and photo. We acquire a passport size photo of you after your CT scan and upload it onto our radiotherapy treatment system so that we are able to identify you daily using you photo. This photo is part of your confidential medical notes and is used for ID purposes only. You will be asked for 2 forms of identification daily by the Radiation Therapists.

Pregnancy Status (if applicable)

It is very important that you do not become pregnant before or during your radiotherapy. You will need to use contraception while you are on treatment if you are of child-bearing age and if you are sexually active. Your hospital or family doctor can give you advice on contraception, family planning or Well Woman Clinics will also advise you. If you think you may be pregnant please inform the Radiation Therapist or Consultant as soon as possible.

Pacemaker Dependency

It is very important that you tell the Radiation Therapists if you have a pacemaker, especially if you are dependant upon it. We will need to monitor you pacemaker during your treatment if that is the case.


Your first appointment will be longer than the usual 15 minutes. It may take from 20 to 45 minutes as there are more checks which need to be done and the Radiation Therapists will be familiarizing themselves with your particular set up. Your treatment will become marginally quicker during your first week and from then on last for 15 minutes approximately.