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The Hermitage Medical Clinic Physiotherapy Department provides a patient focused physiotherapy service that is centred on best evidence based practice to provide high quality patient care.

We accept self referrals as well as GP/Consultant referrals

We are a state-of-the-art rehabilitation service providing the following:

  • GP/Consultant Direct Access Outpatient Service
  • Self Referrals
  • Neck and Back Rehabilitation
  • Sports & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
  • Rheumatology and Arthritis Service
  • Post-Operative Care
  • Oncology Services & Lymphoedema Care
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Respiratory Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Health
  • Medico-Legal / Insurance Services
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Orthotic Prescription and Biomechanical Evaluation

We utilise a multi-disciplinary approach to assess, advise and provide a full range of care using:

  • Soft Tissue Techniques
  • Joint Mobilisation
  • Electrotherapy
  • Personalised Exercise Programmes
  • Patient Advice and Education
  • Equipment Provision
  • Manual Therapy

Our programmes aim to restore and increase your level of health and fitness to enhance your safe return to work, sport and recreation. Our programmes aim to restore and increase your level of health and fitness to enhance your safe return to work, sport and recreation. Our fees for physiotherapy treatment are eligible for cover by VHI, Hibernian Health & Quinn Healthcare.

Physiotherapy Referral Form

Hand Therapy


New Clinical Service to the Hermitage Medical Clinic: HAND THERAPY

Hand Therapy combines techniques of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy to promote healing and restore hand function. A number of the principal techniques include splinting, joint mobilisation, stretching, retraining, scar management and guidance and advise on activities of daily living. Hand Therapy has a crucial role in assisting recovery to hands and upper limbs from a traumatic injury or surgical procedure. Conditions seen by a Hand Therapist primarily include fractures of the hand or arm, burns, lacerations and amputations, and surgical repairs to tendons and nerves. Acquired conditions such as tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome are also commonly treated.

Physiotherapy Classes

Post Total knee replacement
class Tuesday pm (1-1 assessment with physio and group class x5)

Post Total hip replacement
class Tuesday pm (1-1 assessment physio and group class x 5)

Post lumbar pilates
class Tuesday pm 1-1 assessment with physio and group class x6)
Consultant clearance needed.

Please contact 01-6459012 for further information

Pilates and Acupuncture
If you would like to attend our Pilates classes (for general well being & exercise / rehabilitation) or to avail of Acupuncture sessions, please contact:

PHYSIOTHERAPY DEPARTMENT at 01-6459012 or email: physio@hermitageclinic.ie