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The Pharmacy Department’s goal is to safely and efficiently source, acquire, purchase, store, formulate, compound and distribute all drugs and medicines used in the Hermitage Medical Clinic. We ensure the safe, effective and rational use of these drugs so as to improve the quality of life of patients who come under our care and improve the outcome of the treatment provided by our clinic.

The main strands of the pharmacy service are:

Dispensary service
This incorporates medicine procurement and management, distribution of medicines to clinical areas, non-aseptic (extemporaneous) compounding.

Clinical service
A clinical pharmacy service is provided throughout the hospital. Clinical pharmacists have a key role in monitoring and reviewing patients and prescriptions, providing medication counseling and liaising with community pharmacists to ensure safe and effective pharmaceutical service. Clinical pharmacists work actively and closely with other members of multi-disciplinary teams to ensure that patients receive optimal pharmaceutical care while they are staying at the Hermitage Medical Clinic.