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The Pharmacy Department’s goal is to ensure that medicines are procured, stored, prescribed, prepared and administered in the safest and most efficient way possible. We ensure the safe, effective and rational use of medicines to improve the quality of care to our patients. The pharmacy service is comprised of three key areas:

Dispensary service
The dispensary service processes several tens of thousands of doses of medication each month on the foot of requests from our pharmacists, doctors and medicines management pharmacy technicians (MMPTs). The dispensary is registered with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, the national regulator for all pharmacies nationally. After careful in-process checks and monitored storage, the dispensary release medicines to our patients.

Clinical service
A clinical pharmacy service is provided throughout the hospital. This means every patient admitted to the Hermitage Clinic has the opportunity to speak with a pharmacist about their medicines at the bedside. Clinical pharmacists have a key role in monitoring and reviewing patients and prescriptions during a period where new medicines or changes to medicines may be required. We have a wide variety of clinical specialist pharmacists in areas like oncology, antibiotics and critical care. A key role of the pharmacist in maintaining patient safety is the medicines reconciliation. This process accounts for all drugs a patient usually takes and checks for drug interactions with the medicines you may be prescribed at the Hermitage Clinic. Patients are encouraged to bring in their regular medication to assist the pharmacist with this process.

Pharmacy procurement ensure that the medicines contained within our formulary are constantly in stock and that any shortages of medications are communicated to key stakeholders so that decisions can be made to ensure continuity of supply to our patients.

Prior to your visit to the Hermitage Clinic, please print and complete the “My Medicines” leaflet outlining your regular medicines, which the pharmacist and other healthcare professionals can refer to.