Hermitage Medical Clinic Exterior


The Nursing philosophy at the Hermitage Medical Clinic incorporates the holistic care of our patients through the dedication, commitment and compassion of our devoted team.

Support and development of our nursing staff is provided through education and training to facilitate evidence based practice and achieve optimum care using integrated care pathways and nursing processes.

Our purpose at the Hermitage Medical Clinic is to place the patient at the centre of everything we do, thus ensuring that during each and every hospital visit or stay, the patient receives the highest standard of clinical care. We seek to achieve excellence in the delivery of our services, and to continually build on our competencies and knowledge. This will ensure our services rank amongst the best in the world.

Team work has and will continue to be central to our success at the Hermitage Medical Clinic. Equally, care and respect will be shown to all colleagues at all times, so that excellent working relationships can be forged from the beginning and maintained throughout.

We are currently recruiting for Nurses at the Hermitage Medical Clinic. Please see Employment Opportunities for further details.