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Spinal Neurosurgery is performed at the Hermitage with a view to helping pain in relation to spinal disorders, alleviating neurological problems and stabilising the spine. GPs refer patients to a spinal neurosurgeon if they have ongoing pain in the spine and pain radiating down the arms and legs. Following consultation, usually an MRI scan of the spine is obtained. One may also need Plain X- rays/ CT scans. The Neurosurgeon may suggest conservative treatment, spinal injection treatment or spinal surgery. There are a number of spinal surgery options available at the Hermitage such as:

  • Micro-discectomy may be used for a prolapsed disc causing back and leg pain.
  • Laminectomy may be used for a condition called spinal stenosis . This could be augmented with a spacer to keep the nerves open.
  • Nerve root decompression is performed if there is a bony spur or a hardened disc.
  • Vertebroplasty ( injection of cement) is only suitable for some types of spinal fractures.

Spinal fusion ( Titanium rods and screws) is carried out for a condition called spondylolisthesis (when a vertebra slips forward) or less frequently for degenerative disc disease (when the discs are worn out).

In addition, a Spinal Neurosurgeon can also treat spinal fractures, tumours, infections and some complex abnormalities of the cervical spine including rheumatoid arthritis.

Mr. Zulfiqar Ali, Prof Ciaran Bolger, Mr. Jabir Nagaria, Mr. David O’Brien, Mr. Donncha O’Brien, Mr. Daniel Rawluk, Mr Muhammad Sattar and Mr Steven Young are Neurosurgeons based at the Hermitage Medical Clinic. For further information please see http://www.hermitageclinic.ie/consultants/consultant-directory/

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