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Health Screening

Health screening is a proactive approach to your own personal wellbeing or the wellbeing of your employees.

There is a comprehensive physician led health screening service at the Hermitage Medical Clinic, offering you a detailed snapshot of your health in just one visit, and taking just 3 hours.

Health screening aims to help people identify risk factors, signs and symptoms of common conditions, which if not detected early could result in serious health issues. With the support of the most technologically advanced hospital facilities, you can be assured that we are fully equipped to provide for any eventualities that may need to be dealt with.

As the Hermitage Medical Clinic has onsite Cardiology, Radiology and Laboratory facilities, we will be able to accommodate all of your tests in one visit.

For further information please contact
Email: info@conciergescreening.ie
Web: www.conciergescreening.ie
Phone: 01 5540173 / 085 7642600