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The CyberKnife System, a non-invasive alternative to surgery for the treatment of cancerous and non-cancerous tumours anywhere in the body, has been introduced to Ireland for the first time at the Hermitage Medical Clinic. The CyberKnife treatment works by sending multiple beams of high dose radiation from a wide variety of angles using a robotic arm. X-ray cameras monitor the patient’s breathing and re-position the radiotherapy beam in order to minimise damage to healthy tissue. This accuracy enables tumours to be treated that are in difficult or dangerous to treat positions such as near the spinal cord, prostate, lung, brain, liver, pancreas and kidney.

For further information please see our CyberKnife Brochure or contact 01 6459045 or radiotherapy@hermitageclinic.ie

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Ireland’s First CyberKnife Patient at the Hermitage Medical Clinic

Laurenz Egan was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma and underwent CyberKnife treatment at the Hermitage Medical Clinic. In this video he tells us about his CyberKnife journey.


Martina Rosser, Radiotherapy Service Manager,

Gillian Moore, Clinical Specialist
Bernie McCafferty, Clinical Specialist
Aoife Good, Clinical Specialist
Niall Fox, Radiation Therapist

CyberKnife Pre-treatment information for patients (1.3Mb)

CyberKnife Information for patients receiving intra-cranial (brain) treatment (4.1Mb)

Referral process for Cyberknife

The best thing is to speak with the doctor who is looking after your care. He/She can refer you for discussion at our Cyberknife Multidisciplinary Team Meeting (MDT) here at the Hermitage Medical Clinic where we discuss all cases and determine suitability for treatment. If it is decided that you are suitable for treatment we will then take over your care. This meeting takes place monthly.

For the MDT referral , we need a referral letter and copies of all your data regarding treatment and diagnosis etc and copies of recent MRIs or CTs.

Side Effects

Please see information booklets for the various site specific side effects