Get access to screening, consultation, mammography, biopsy and surgical services with our Breast health team.

Our breast service is run by a team of experienced specialists. We see all patients for both screening check-ups and to investigate breast symptoms, such as lumps, breast pain, nipple discharge and skin changes.

We also see men with breast symptoms (lump or enlargement), and patients who have discovered a swelling or are experiencing pain under their arm.

Our team of experts includes:

  • Breast surgeons
  • Radiologists
  • Mammographers
  • Pathologists
  • Radiographers
  • Clinical nurse specialists

Symptomatic service

Our symptomatic service is for anyone who has found an issue with their breasts.

We follow the national standard of triple assessment, which includes:

  • clinical examination by a consultant breast surgeon
  • imaging, such as a mammogram and ultrasound
  • a biopsy interpreted by a consultant pathologist

Most patients will only require clinical examination and imaging.

If you're 35 or over, you'll normally have a mammogram first. Depending on your examination, you might also have an ultrasound. If you're under 35, an ultrasound is the standard way to image breast tissue.

Most patients do not need a biopsy. Most patients who have a biopsy have benign (harmless) findings.

Screening service

We offer mammograms to patients aged 40 and over who have asked for a check-up and have no symptoms.

This service is delivered by a multidisciplinary team of specialists who work together to make sure you receive the best treatment and care.

If an abnormality is detected, you may need further tests. This might include an ultrasound or biopsy. Around 1 in 10 patients need tests following their mammogram.

Most patients who have further tests have benign (harmless) findings.


Not all services are covered by health insurance. To find out if you're covered, contact your health insurance provider before your visit.

Visit our Health insurance and self-pay page for more information.


If you do not have health insurance or your health plan does not cover the full cost, you will need to pay on the day of your visit.

You might be able to claim fees on your insurance.

If you need to submit an insurance excess or pay inpatient fees after a stay at the Hermitage Clinic, you can pay your bill online.