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Patient Council

Now that you have picked up a copy of this, our first Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) newsletter, I hope you will find it interesting. It is an expression of the Clinic’s care for you which has brought it about. It has been generated by a small group of patients and staff called the Patient Council. We meet four times a year to consider issues which you, the patients and your families, have brought to the Clinic’s attention.

We are passionate in our belief that the patient should not be lost sight of in what is often an alarming and confusing environment. We are all past or present patients. We are independent of the Clinic’s management and ownership. In other words we are YOU.

Please read our inaugural newsletter and let us know if you have any suggestions , criticisms or observations which you believe would have helped you in your time with us in Hermitage. We promise to discuss, consider and , where appropriate, do our best to advocate for your views.

We hope that you received the same wonderful treatment we all did and that you will not have the need to visit the Clinic again for a while ….but if you do, we are there for you.

On Behalf of the Committee

Niall D O’Carroll

Chairman PFAC