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The Patients’ Charter, Rights and Responsibilities

Our Philosophy at the Hermitage Medical Clinic is to provide excellence in care to all patients. This is one of service and an acknowledgement of the holistic needs of patients not just from a clinical perspective for their presenting illness but also from a psychological, emotional and spiritual perspective.

This philosophy of care is reflected in our Patient Charter

We commit to provide Care:

  • In an appropriate and timely manner in a safe and secure environment, this takes account of your personal values and beliefs, including your spiritual beliefs, with courtesy and respect for you and your family.

We will ensure that:

  • Your Privacy is respected and the confidentiality of any information related to your care is maintained.

We will provide clear and concise information and explanations:

  • On all aspects of your care to enable you and your family to fully participate. We encourage you to ask questions and seek clarity. Should you require a second opinion we will assist you to avail of this. Should you wish to decline or discontinue treatment your Consultant will advise you of the risks, consequences and responsibilities of this decision.

Your consultant will explain:

  • The expected benefits of your treatment and any potential risks or alternative treatment options and your expected recovery time.

Your consent will be sought before:

  • Medical investigations or Treatments are carried out.

Visiting arrangements:

  • In accordance with our philosophy visits from family and friends are encouraged The hospital has visiting arrangements in place which are flexible and consistent with your needs and that of other patients. You also have the right to decline visitors.

Patient Feedback:

  • Your feedback is valuable to us. Compliments and expressions of satisfaction or dissatisfaction about any aspect of care and services are welcome. We are committed to learning from your experience and to continuous quality improvement.

We ask you to assist us by:
Participating as much as possible in your care, you can do this by:

  • Providing complete and accurate information about your medical condition, history, medications and any other factor which may be relevant to your care.
  • Letting us know if you do not understand any aspect of information we give you. We are always happy to explain any aspect of your care. Keeping your hospital appointments and giving reasonable notice if you need to cancel or re-schedule your visit.
  • Treat our staff, fellow patients and visitors with respect and courtesy.
  • Follow and co-operate with the Hospital’s Health and Safety Policies including observing our “No Smoking Policy”.
  • Please inform your nurse or the Nurse Manager if you are leaving your ward for any reason. Provide us with up to date financial and health insurance information and by completing any forms, as required before you leave the hospital.