Hermitage Medical Clinic Exterior

Infection Control

The design and construction of the Hermitage Medical Clinic has paid particular attention to the control of infection. The layout of the hospital incorporates an adequate number of single rooms to accommodate the isolation of patients with infection if required.

The role of the Infection Control Department is to coordinate policies, procedures and guidelines in line with International Accepted Standards and Best Practice. These guidelines include:

  • Infection Management
  • Infections Surveillance Programme
  • Consultant Microbology Advice
  • Staff Education
  • Departmental Audits

Our Consultant Microbologists provide additional expert infection control advice to the Infection Control Department. These guidelines minimise the risk of the spread of infections to patients, visitors and staff. Infection Control Education is incorporated into the Orientation Programmes for all staff working at the Hermitage Medical Clinic.

The control of infection is everybody’s business. Please wash your hands and make optimal use of the hand hygiene units situated at the entrance of each ward. Service users and their relatives / carers / visitors are informed that they can ask staff if they have performed hand hygiene before attending to them and also request staff to practice hand hygiene.

An important element of infection control is appropriate disposal of waste. The Hermitage Medical Clinic uses a colour coded bag system for waste disposal. Transport of clinical waste is strictly controlled and is disposed of by approved service providers.