Hermitage Medical Clinic Exterior

Coming into Hospital


On arrival you should go to the reception desk in the main entrance hall. You will be then directed to the Admissions Office where you will be required to confirm your name, address, personal details, health insurance information and any referral letters provided to you by your consultant or GP.

When appropriate, if a child is being admitted, it is necessary for a parent or guardian to stay with them until discharge.


Your consultant will tell you if it is necessary for you to stop eating or drinking prior to your admission. If you are unsure about fasting please check with your consultant.


Please bring all prescribed medications and a copy of your current prescription with you. If you are taking any High Tech Medicines please bring supply to cover duration of your stay in hospital.

What to bring?

You should bring your own night wear, dressing gown, slippers and toiletries (toothbrush, comb, razor, towel, etc). Children are encouraged to bring one or two favourite toys, books or games. It is advisable that valuables, jewellery, excess clothing should be left at home as we cannot accept responsibility for lost items.

Please don’t bring too much personal clothing as space is limited. As the Hospital is unable to provide a personal laundry service, please make suitable arrangements with your relatives or friends.

Paediatric Patients

This booklet explains what to expect when your child comes into hospital to have an operation or investigation under general anaesthesia.