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Advice for Patients

Advice for Patients – while in hospital – to prevent falls

We assess all patients for risk of falling in order to implement measures to prevent falls if

It is important that the nursing staff know if you have a history of falls, faints, trips, slips,
dizziness or light – headedness prior to or during your admission time

For your added safety the nurse may ask you to wear an orange arm band if he/she deems it appropriate.

  • After receiving an anaesthetic, sedation or having a procedure please call the nurse the first time you get out of bed and if you feel weak and dizzy.
  • Ask the nurse for help going to and from the bathroom. This is very important if you are unsteady. The call bell in the bathroom is the red string.
  • A member of the nursing staff may stay with you in the bathroom for your safety
  • If you take medication that causes you to go to the bathroom frequently, ask for help when you need to get up. Alternatively, consider using a commode or urinal/ urine bottle.
  • Make sure that you have any walking aids with you in hospital and that you have your hearing aid or spectacles to hand if you need them
  • Walkers, crutches and sticks can provide support. Other items do not. Do not lean on the bedside table, furniture, IV Pole or other items to steady yourself.
  • Keep everything you need within easy reach and leave the call bell where you can reach it
  • Avoid stretching or bending to reach things
  • Wear non-slip, well-fitting slippers or shoes – not slip on shoes or slippers, especially if you are wearing socks or stockings and avoid long clothes which may cause you to trip
  • Get up from your bed or chair slowly as some treatments and medications may cause you to feel dizzy or sleepy
  • Tell the member of the nursing staff if you have any concerns about your safety

If you should fall whilst in hospital

  • Despite our best efforts, some patients may fall whilst they are in hospital. If you do fall, the nurses and doctors will check you for signs of any injury and provide appropriate treatment.
  • Appropriate advice / equipment may need to be used to return you to the bed / chair / trolley. This may include a mechanical ‘hoist’.
  • With your consent we will inform your next of kin and record the incident in your medical notes as well as recording it on our adverse occurrence reporting form.

Advice for Carers, Relatives and Friends

For the safety of patients, it would help us greatly if you would report to staff any
possible problems in the ward such as:-

  • Spills of liquid on the floor
  • Trailing wires/cables
  • Obstacles around the bed area