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Hermitage Clinic first hospital in Ireland to use MyMobility app

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Hermitage Clinic has become the first hospital in Ireland to use a new cutting-edge care management system which assists patients before and after robotic orthopaedic surgeries such as hip and knee replacements. 

Thanks to an agreement between the Hermitage, Zimmer Biomet and Apple, the MyMobility app can be used by any patients who can use a wearable device such as an iWatch or an iPhone.

MyMobility tracks the patient’s movements and prompts them when they need to do their post operative exercises, while also providing guidance on whether they are doing them correctly. 

It is used in conjunction with the ROSA Knee System, another market-leading technology designed to adapt to each surgeon’s workflow while maximising efficiency and enhancing intraoperative feedback. 

This the first robotic platform to be used in the Hermitage, where patients can now benefit from the more personalised approach to recovery. 

Mr. David Cogley, orthopaedic surgeon at the Hermitage who specialises in knee and hip surgery, says that the system is helping to deliver real results to patients. 

“An effective recovery journey is absolutely vital to the surgical process. What MyMobility does is provide patients with the information they need to do the required exercises correctly. 

“The medical team here at the Hermitage can monitor patients’ progress remotely via MyMobility. It helps doctors to identify immediately where problems exist, and lets us know where extra support and guidance is needed. Using it helps to maximise the benefits of the robotic joint replacement, and it helps patients to stick to their post op recovery plans and ultimately get back on their feet more quickly,” Cogley said. 

MyMobility aids with both pre- and post-op preparation and exercises for orthopaedic patients and it is anticipated that many of the patients who benefit from it will be in older age cohorts, although it can help patients of all ages who undergo joint replacements. 

Mymobility also allows medics to track their patients’ progress, thus helping to provide additional support to all involved. 

“Being able to use mymobility in conjunction with ROSA will be of huge assistance in preparing patients for surgery in the coming years, and in aiding their recovery. It is a massive win for patients, and another example of how modern technology is delivering real results in orthopaedic surgery here at the Hermitage,” Cogley concluded.