Prof.Turlough O'Donnell

Prof.Turlough O'Donnell

Orthopaedic surgery

Joint replacement
Shoulder surgery
Hip surgery
Knee surgery
Wrist surgery
Sports surgery
Rotator cuff tendonopathy


M.B B.Ch. B.A.O. F.R.C.S.I. F.R.C.S.

Prof Turlough O'Donnell graduated from University College Dublin in 1994, completed basic surgical training in 1998 and became a fellow of Royal College of Surgeons in the same year. He gained entry into the higher surgical training programme in 2001 and passed his fellowship examination in trauma and orthopaedics in 2006.

Fellowship training

  • Fellowship training in Monash University, Clayton, Melbourne.
  • Fellowship in upper limb surgery and limb reconstruction/deformity correction at the Epworth Hospital, Richmond, Melbourne.
  • Fellowship in major joint reconstruction of the hip and knee/minimal resection arthroplasty at St Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst, Sydney.