Prof. Connail McCrory

Prof. Connail McCrory

Pain medicine

Chronic pain
Cancer pain
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M.D. F.C.A.R.C.S.I F.I.P.P

Prof. Connail McCrory is a graduate of RCSI since 1988.

Clinical research

Prof. Connail McCrory has conducted research in spinal neuronal inflammatory responses in man leading to pain perception, the effect of spinal cord stimulation on cerebrospinal fluid cytokines in vivo in man.

Prof. Connail McCrory has also conducted an investigation of spinal neuronal mechanism of chronic pain in man by CSF analysis and a analgesic agent pharmacokinetics in human cerebrospinal fluid and investigation of their effect on CSF cytokines.

Fellowship training

  • Trained in Ireland and the UK.
  • Fellowship completed in the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
  • Fellowship completed in the Lund University Hospital, Sweden.