Catherine Hermitage

Culture and Benefits

We pride ourselves on our dynamic, multicultural and highly skilled workforce. Explore what it means to work with us at the Hermitage Clinic.

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Clinton Hermitage

Nurse Graduate Development Programme 2022

Find out more about the incredible opportunities for nurse graduates in Hermitage Clinic.

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Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

Click here to view the Blackrock Health Hermitage Clinic Gender Pay Gap Report 2022




Our ethos

Our ethos is one of continued development, recognition and career progression. Through external education funded by Hermitage Clinic and in-house development, Hermitage Clinic strives to professionally develop its employees to facilitate them to achieve their ultimate career goals from within the organisation.

Our continual hospital expansion and growth plans ensure that we have a constant need for more senior positions, allowing you to fulfil your career potential here at Hermitage Clinic.

I relocated back to Ireland after working in a high-tech hospital in Australia. I was delighted to find a hospital in Ireland with such a high level of advanced technology and that is willing to help me progress in my career.

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