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Quality & Patient Safety

Care for our patients is our foremost priority. Their expectation of our care for them and the outcome of how we deliver it are the measures by which they judge us. We continue to strive to not just meet but exceed this expectation. We do this by continuously reviewing the quality of what we do and eliminating the risks we face in doing it.

Quality in the Hermitage Medical Clinic has two main components: quality assurance and quality improvement. Quality assurance looks to provide reassurance that the hospital is at least consistently meeting a good standard of care. Quality improvement looks to ensure that any substandard care is identified quickly and improved, as well as constantly driving to improve existing good standards of care to make them better.

Assuring quality and safety and driving quality improvements are the main aim of the hospitals Quality Improvement & Risk Management (QIRM) committee. This is supported by a range of other key structures, namely, the Board of Directors, Medical Advisory Committee, Clinical Governance Committee and our risk and incident management policies. Importantly, we underpin these with a supportive, open and learning culture.

Ongoing regulation is key to quality assurance. In November 2017, we welcomed a visit from Joint Commission International (JCI) for a scheduled tri-annual survey. We successfully achieved our fourth accreditation from JCI following a rigorous review of the hospitals compliance with their robust quality & safety standards. We would like to thank all staff for their hard work, dedication and commitment in achieving such a positive and worthwhile outcome. As JCI is a continuous improvement process, they will return again in November 2020.

Patient feedback is crucial in seeking to measure and improve quality of care. In 2020, we continued with our Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems (HCAHPS) survey and the Outpatient Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems (OCAHPS). We introduced new methods of patient feedback through patient focus groups and the establishment of our Patient Council. In 2020, we also introduced a text message solution which is automatically sent to each patient 48 hours post discharge. While also continuing to collect feedback routinely through our comment cards within the various departments throughout the hospital.

Hermitage Medical Clinic functions on a basis that a hospital should be dedicated first and foremost to its patients. Every day, thousands of patients put their faith in staff and Hermitage Medical Clinic to take care of them at a time they feel worried and vulnerable. We are committed to repaying that trust by always trying to provide the highest possible quality of care. This means trying to provide the right care, at the right time in the right way to all of our patients. We help our staff to deliver the best quality of care possible through a combination of supportive policies, systems and structures, and most importantly, by promoting a patient-centered culture. This is the essence of a high quality learning healthcare provider such as Hermitage Medical Clinic.