Pathology laboratory

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Pathology is the study of disease. Our laboratory helps to test and diagnose patients throughout their healthcare journey.

The Pathology Laboratory at the Hermitage Clinic provides a diagnostic and consultative service for the hospital and GPs. Our highly-qualified team includes:

  • Doctors
  • Medical Scientists
  • Laboratory Aides
  • Haemovigilance Officers
  • Phlebotomists


Our laboratory is equipped with the very latest in diagnostic equipment. This, combined with our expert team and adherence to strict quality assurance programmes, ensures that we provide reliable, rapid and safe results.

The laboratory covers many disciplines. The following are available on-site at Hermitage Clinic: 

  • blood transfusion (transfer of blood through an IV line)
  • haematology (study of blood disease)
  • clinical biochemistry (the use of biochemistry to study disease)

The following services are available offsite:

  • histopathology (study of tissue disease)
  • immunology (study of disorders that affect the immune system)
  • microbiology (study of infection)

Quality assurance

We consistently meet high industry standards and deliver safe, quality care.

Our Laboratory complies with Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) regulations and International Standard ISO15189. 

Our blood bank complies with EU Directive 2002/98/EC and AML-BB, which is titled 'Minimum Requirements for Blood Transfusion Compliance with Article 14 (Traceability) and Article 15 (Notification of Serious Adverse Reactions and Events)'.


Our pathology laboratory is open 24/7 for emergency testing.

If you need a laboratory test your GP can refer you to one of our consultants, or you can book an appointment at our Emergency Department. If you need a blood test, your GP can refer you to our phlebotomy service.

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