Infection control

Our Infection prevention and control department helps protect patients, visitors and staff from the spread of infection.

At the Hermitage Clinic, we take infection control very seriously.

Our specialist Infection prevention and control team work with expert microbiologists to create policies, best practice guidelines and training for all colleagues. All guidelines are created in line with international standards and best practice.

Our goal is to make sure we create the safest environment for everyone at the Hermitage Clinic. That's why our dedicated team runs a surveillance programme and monthly audits. By making sure that our colleagues adheres to our clinic's infection control policies, we can help prevent the spread of infection.

A Clinical Laboratory Technician opening a GeneXpert cartridge in a space and designated area of the laboratory.

Hand hygiene

We know that good hand hygiene is the best way to protect our patients, visitors and staff from infections. By washing our hands often, and in the right way, we can deliver safe and effective care.

Hand hygiene is at the heart of infection prevention and control. Our SureWash interactive training is a key part of the induction programme for all new employees. Using this technology helps us make sure we all follow important hand hygiene procedures.

It is up to everyone to help control the spread of infection. We ask all visitors to wash their hands and make use of the hand wash units before entering a ward. We also invite patients to ask staff if they've washed their hands before attending to them. 

Single rooms

We can help control the spread of infection by separating patients, where necessary. We have a number of single rooms to isolate patients, protecting them and others in the clinic.

Single room bed
An empty hallway


An important element of infection control is the disposal of waste. We use a colour-coded bag system for waste disposal. Transport of clinical waste is strictly controlled and is disposed of by approved service providers.